Dr. Juli-Anne teaches environmentally friendly and sustainable fish farming practices, recipe development, cooking classes and yoga 



My life has always revolved around animals and food, I began my life in food on my family naseberry and mango farm in the hills of St. Catherine Jamaica.  I have fond memories of working at Bodles Agriculture Research Station,the Caribbean’s only Livestock Research Station where I spent my days conducting research on improving the nutritional qualities of Jamaica’s local dairy cow, and driving through the hills and gullies of the Jamaican landscape with the farm vets visiting the rural farmers. I discovered my love for the ocean as a student doing research on growing irish moss in Discovery Bay at the Discovery Bay Marine Lab and growing shrimp on the coast of the Hellshire Hills in Jamaica . Fast forward years later with a Masters in animal and human nutritional Sciences and a PhD in fisheries and aquatic sciences my academic career has covered many aspects of nutritional sciences pursuing scientific research to enhance and improve the nutritional status of beef & dairy cattle; small companion animals; fresh water, marine, ornamental and food fish. I have commercially formulated many nutritional products for cultured marine and freshwater species. After years working in the food manufacturing industry developing healthy organic baby food and small animal gourmet food, I decided to do the things that I enjoyed doing the most, cooking with friends and helping other farmers.

Now as an aquaculture consultant, for the last 5 years, I help start–ups and NGOs. I have traveled to Nepal, Jamaica and Malaysia to assist small farmers to improve their fish farming operations. I have published in scientific journals and fish hobbyist magazines and give talks and presentations to aquarium societies, aquaculture conferences and scientific forums.


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JuliAnne Royes

Ostia Antica, Italy

In 2016, I started a snack food company utilizing 100% natural ingredients reminiscent of my Jamaican childhood. JTK is the idea of one Jamaican foodie who loves to travel, loves art, and the happy things of life. Married to an Italian, I am passionate about exploring the similarities between the two cultures through the things I love most - food, art, music and lifestyle.

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 The difficulties of having a balanced life as a working mother led me to complete a 300 hour yoga teacher training program and I followed this with a kids yoga training program. I am now certified to teach hatha and vinyasa yoga . The principles of Yoga has helped me tremendously in my personal and business life. My experiences have led me to sharing with Mothers and families how to prepare healthy meals, eating healthily throughout the day, finding time to exercise and keeping the sanity. I like to call myself a home chef and travelling between Jamaica, and Italy I have learned to combine the flavors of the places I call home.  

My goal is to strive for healthy eating, healthy body and healthy mind.

Welcome to my page. I invite you to experience Fish farming around the world, Healthy living and Caribbean & Italian life through the eyes of one Jamaican.

Dr. Juli-Anne

JuliAnne Royes


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