I received my PhD in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from the University of Florida. I work with the feed Industry, public aquariums, NGOs and fish farmers that culture fish for food as well as for the aquarium industry.  Fish farming for the aquarium industry provides a source of income for farmers in many countries, it provides a sustainable source of income for fishermen to reduce the pressures of wild caught fish and worldwide aquaculture is the fastest growing food industry. There is a need for more sustainable practices and efficient approaches to aquaculture. As an experienced technical consultant specializing in nutrition and fish health management JULI-ANNE ROYES CONSULTING provides technical services, professional guidance and practical solutions for the development of sustainable aquaculture.

Sustainable Aquaculture Feed

Assessment of Feed ingredients

Nutritional Management assessment

Feed solutions (Ingredients and formulations)

Quality assurance, sustainability and supply chain integrity for feed


Aquaculture Improvement projects

Planning and development of improvement projects

Management and technical implementation of projects

Monitoring and evaluation of improvement programs

Alternatives to Antibiotic Usage

Biosecurity assessment and implementation


Feed Companies

Workshops for technical sales professionals

Feed Formulations

Product development

Lead brainstorming teams to identify innovative products


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